Vision Board 101

I'm a big fan of vision boards, and a total junkie for vision board success stories! If you've ever been curious about them, or just want to know what they're all about, here's the scoop!

What we focus on in life, expands.

Visualization, is one of the most powerful mind exercises a person can do. Olympic athletes have been using visualization for years to boost their performance. In fact, a recent study found that if an athlete is sitting still and just visualizing their event, the same spots in the brain light up as if they were physically doing it. Amazing, right? But don't take my word for it, the internet is full of great visualization success stories!

So, what is a vision board exactly??? A vision board is simply a collection of images and/or items that have a symbolic representation of things that you would like to manifest into your life. The point of compiling it all in one place (ie. your vision board) is that the things you want to manifest are always on the top of your mind, because you are, ideally anyway, looking at your vision board often. This becomes your very own Olympic event practice!

Intrigued? Let's do it!

First, I want to mention that there's really no right or wrong to do it, because it's all about what has meaning to you. I've put together some tips and suggestions, and a checklist of what I did making my latest vision board.

1. Decide what you want to focus on.

*Disclaimer: I'm going to be completely open and honest here, so please be kind :)

Take a quiet moment for yourself, and write a list of all the things you want to happen in your life. It can be anything at all... a new job, a baby, a new car, a fitness goal, anything your heart desires. Don't feel silly putting anything on your list, if I can post my list for the world to see, you can write it down.

Don't rush this step, and don't feel like you have to get this all done in an afternoon. This will likely be a project that takes a few days, so take the time to get it right. Put your list aside, and add to it whenever you think of another thing you want to manifest.

This is a work in progress, so don't feel like you have to have a perfect list. You can add or subtract from your vision board at any time.

2. Search for images

This is my favorite part! Search for images that represent to you, what it is you want to manifest. I LOVE Pinterest for this step, because a quick search pulls up hundreds of beautiful images. You could also cut things out of magazines for this step, like I said, there's really no right or wrong way to do it. Choose images that represent the feeling of what you want. For example, let's say you want to manifest the perfect, cozy little home. Maybe a photo of the house you grew up in gives you the warm-fuzzies, and feels like home. Don't get too hung up on finding the perfect image, it's all about the feeling the image represents.


Now that you have your images, it's time to do a little planning. Are you going to use magazine images? Print them from the web?

I opted to have my images printed as photos, because I wanted a clean, art-like look. Moment of transparency here, I'm rather particular about what I put in my home, and the thought of having a tacky, glued-to-a-poster-board style thing hanging in my home... well, that just wasn't going to work for me. I wanted this vision board to work, and be something I would see daily and love, and the only way I was going to put it on display, was if it fit into my decor. That *may* sound high maintenance, but your vision board is such a personal thing, that it needs to be done in a way that makes sense to you.

Once I compiled my images, I realized that I had three categories; dream home stuff, business goals, and personal goals. So, I decided to make three separate boards, each dedicated to a theme.

Sidebar: You don't want your vision board to be too cluttered, where you're inviting chaos into your life, so be thoughtful about the amount of things you include. Keep it organized and clutter free.

4. Buzzwords and Affirmations

You've got your images, you've got a plan for your board, now it's time to add in some affirmations!

I know that it sounds cheesy, but I love affirmations. Anything that invokes inspiration is fine by me. I had some cute quotes printed as photos with my images, but I also had these gorgeous affirmation cards given to be by a friend who knows how much I love affirmations ;)

You can even hand write something that has meaning to you. Just remember, you're going for the feeling here, so affirmations are a perfect way to say exactly what you want to say.

5. Select your medium

I was originally planning to use a large, decorative cork-board, but when I decided to make three smaller boards instead, I opted to use three of these shadow box frames. They were on sale for only $12 at Michael's, too! Just make sure that whatever you pick is large enough for all your images. Even with three frames I ran out of room and had to nix some images.

6. Layout

Before you start to assemble your board, set the mood and your intention for your board. Feel the feelings you are wanting to manifest, and put yourself in a state of gratitude.

Grab a glass of wine, light a candle and turn on some jazz. This should be a fun, relaxing project, so set yourself up to enjoy it! It's not about perfection, it's about enjoying the process. Now that you're in the right state of mind, let's do this!

It took some trial and error, but after shuffling my images around a bit, I found the perfect composition. As I mentioned, I wasn't able to include all of my images, so I was sure to only use my favorite ones, and the ones that really meant something to me. I also had to cut a few photos down to fit.

Here's the finished "Dream Home" board:

While all the images have meaning, I placed the thing that was most important to me as the central feature, in this case, the actual house.

Man, I've got some really great taste in furniture ;)

Here's my finished "Business Goals" board, which is mostly focused around my dream locations for Bombshell Bridal and Liz Louize. I can't wait until Bombshell is at "Plus Size Kleinfelds" Status, and we have more room than we know what to do with!

Finally, here's my finished "Personal Goals" board. This one is by far my favorite, because it's just full of exciting things! Travel to exotic places, lots of money in the bank, our official "debt free" moment a la Dave Ramsey, and in the center is me speaking at TED, of course. Amy did some photo-shopping for me ;)

7. Date your Boards

You're going to want to remember when you made this board once things start happening, so be sure to include a date somewhere! I also love the idea, of "this or something better" for my boards, because it's the perfect reminder, that sometimes my dreams aren't big enough and I don't always know what's best. Allow some space for the universe to surprise you with something spectacular!

8. Put your Dreams on Display!

I wanted my boards to be in my bedroom above my dresser, so that they were in a place where I could review them every day. Be intentional when you decide where your boards will go, the whole point is to visit them often.

Now you see why I wanted visually pleasing boards ;)

Protip: These Command Velcro strips are AMAZING. If you've ever tried to hang three frames in a straight row with a hammer and a nail, you've probably also had to patch a hammer size hole in the wall. These are super easy to use. Just grab a level and follow the instructions. And the best part is, if you decide to move your boards someplace else, you don't have a wall full of holes!

I had a lot of fun putting my boards together, and I'm so excited to see what happens next! Stay tuned on the blog, because I'll definitely be keeping you updated!

I hope that this sparked some inspiration and creativity for you. I'd love to see your finished boards and hear your success stories, so please share them with me!



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