Twenty Eight Things I Have Learned In Twenty Eight Years.

I just turned 28 on Sunday and in the spirit of celebration here are 28 things I have learned in the 28 years I have been alive:

1. To cut toxic people out of my life.

In the past I have let others walk all over me. I tried to keep them in my life even though they treated me terribly. It was time to stop, I couldn't keep giving my all to people who didn't deserve it. After I stopped it was amazing the relief I felt! I didn't know I was carrying all this baggage around.

2. Perfection doesn't exist.
I am a perfectionist. I want EVERYTHING to be perfect but, it will never be perfect. Once I sat back and let myself be okay with imperfect I noticed I was a lot more relaxed.

3. Life is too short to not be honest.
I wouldn't say certain things because I was afraid. Afraid to hurt them, afraid I would loose them as a friend, etc. I realized that life is too short to not say what I am feeling and I am only hurting myself! Say it!

4. It is not my job to judge anybody.

Growing up the way I did, we talked about everybody, with strangers being our biggest victims. I don't want anyone to talk about me, and I thought about how they would feel if they had heard us. I didn't want to be that person so I stopped tearing them down and started cheering them on.

5. I smile at everyone.
Even when I am not at the shop, I make an effort to smile at everyone. You never know who might need it. I know when I have a poopy day and someone smiles at me it changes my whole day.

6. Sometimes a nap is the best medicine.

I love sleep and sometimes a nap does actually make me feel better. It is my way to clear my head and relax. It also is really cool because it is like you are traveling through time. LOL

7. Having a difficult past isn't an excuse to be a shitty person.
It is hard when you have had so much happen to you throughout your life to not be salty, however that isn't an excuse. There is never an excuse to be a crappy person.

8. Diets are a waste of time.
Yep, I was on a diet not too long ago and you know what happened? I started hurting my body. I wasn't feeding it nutrition or taking care of it just so I could be "skinny". Diets don't work. Lifestyle changes do. If you deprive yourself, when you get "skinny" you will just feel like you "owe" it to yourself. Listen to your body, it will tell you what it wants.

9. If I want to eat it. I eat it.
I am not saying to eat 10 cupcakes in one sitting but if I want a piece of cake? I have one. And you know what? I don't feel guilty about it. Life is way too short to deprive yourself and not eat cake.

10. I can take criticism and respect them for being honest with me.
It used to be so hard for me to hear any type of criticism. So hard that I would instantly feel attacked. That wasn't the case, they love me and want the best for me. I now accept all criticism and thank them for their honesty.

11. Therapy is not weak it is for the strong.
I was always told that therapy is for the crazy people and only weak people go. Well, that couldn't be father from the truth. We are so focused on our body that we forget about our mental health. And our mental health is JUST as important as our physical. Therapy has changed my life for the better.

12. Accountability is a beautiful thing.
It really is. Accepting fault, accepting that it might be you and not them really can change your life. It is actually better that it is you because you can fix that!

13. When people tell you who they are, believe them.

Don't try to change them. Don't for a second believe they will never do it to you because they will. You wouldn't try to pick up a snake after you knew it was a snake, would you?

14. Don't believe the highlight reel.

I struggle when I see others doing great things and going on extravagant vacations. I know they are only showing the good but remind yourself that it isn't always like that. There is a lot you don't see.

15. It's okay to not have a talent.

You don't need some talent to make you unique or special. I don't have a talent but I still enjoy painting and singing.

16. Listen to understand not to respond.

People want to be heard, and I feel like human interaction is dying. I won't let that happen. As a kid who was never heard I am making it my personal job to listen to everyone that speaks.

17. I am not entitled to anything.

It takes work and effort to get what you want. You are not ever going to have anything just handed to you.

18. Comparison is the thief of joy.

You don't need to be like her. You don't need to look like her. You don't need to make a million dollars.

19. You get what you pay for.

Cheap isn't always better. Value is sometimes more expensive but always worth the investment.

20. Spend more time outside.

Take in the fresh air and listen to the birds. Getting outdoors and enjoying mother nature does a lot for the soul.

21. Surround yourself with people who inspire you.

I only invite people in my life who inspire me. I am working towards a better positive life and only want others who believe the same thing around me. Having positive people with similar goals will only lift you up.

22. Strive to be a better person than you were yesterday.

Be the change in the world you wish to see. Use each day as a new page and refresher. Buy a stranger a coffee, open the door, ask someone how their day is and really listen.

23. Asking for help is okay.

Never feel weak for asking for help. It doesn't make you stupid if you don't know how to do something. I always love to learn and asking for help is a way to learn something new.

24. Read more books.

I never used to read. I would always say I didn't have time. PSHT. I have time. You make time for the things that you think are important. I have learned so much from my books and it helps me to continue to be a better person.

25. Wake up early.

If you know me I love to sleep. I mean I LOVE to sleep. So getting up early for me is a hard thing to do and I hate getting up early. I have forced myself to get up and it is amazing the things I have been able to get done! I feel so much happier when I get started early ad get stuff done.

26. Travel.

You don't have to go on an expensive vacation to get rejuvenated. My husband and I went on a low key trip to the west side of the state and we had the best time! It was so chill and we enjoyed traveling to the little towns and exploring. Take weekend trips, take small trips, just do it!

27. Everything happens for a reason.

I am a huge believer that everything that happens has a reason behind it. Don't sit and wait for things to happen obviously, but go out and take steps towards your goals and you will be surprised. Beautiful things will come your way!

28. Forgive yourself.

Listen to me, you need to forgive yourself. Make sure to give yourself a little bit of forgiveness. You deserve it.

Have a great day!

<3 Amy

"Every day may not be good but there's good in every day"

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