Do things before you’re ready.

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

I like to be prepared. I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a “planner,” I’m more of a “prepare to wing it” sort of girl. But, I also wholeheartedly believe that you must do things before you’re ready.

Just winging it on the news, no big deal.

Take this blog for example. Amy and I have talked about this project for years, and we finally decided to just go for it! Not because we were “ready” to do it, but because we saw the value in doing it. It was the same with both of our businesses, too. We saw the need, so we just jumped in with both feet!

The day we signed the lease for Liz Louize! We definitely weren't prepared for everything to come...

But, it wasn’t always this way...

I spent my youth and teenage years just trying to figure out where I fit in, so the thought of doing anything which I wasn’t completely prepared to do terrified me. When I got my first job answering the phone at a pizza place, I would mentally rehearse my phone greeting before picking up the call. I lived in fear of being called on in class unexpectedly, and I hated running into people I wasn’t expecting to see, because I didn’t have some rehearsed small talk queued up for them.

The problem with thinking like this is that you miss out on opportunities, because you hesitate. I can tell you about all sorts of moments I missed, like when I didn’t share a brilliant comment in a college class because I still questioned the value of my statement, and someone else chimed in and got all the praise, and subsequently, the better project that turned out to be a great resume booster. I can tell you about the time that I didn’t tell one of my best friends that I missed her, because I was worried I would sound too needy. We don’t talk much anymore. Or, I can tell you about the time my bridal shop was selected for a TV special on TLC, and another shop got the gig, because I insisted that my lawyer needed to thoroughly review everything. That one stung the most. I still wonder where our business would be if we hadn’t missed out on that.

The day Bombshell Bridal opened, with a whopping 23 dresses in stock

Slowly but surely, I’ve become more at ease with doing things on the fly, but getting here has been a process. I’ve spent

The day Bombshell Bridal opened, with a whopping 23 wedding gowns in stock
the better part of the last decade on a journey of self-discovery (which I’ll talk about lots more in posts to come!) that has given me the self confidence to trust that I make good decisions, and I can handle anything that comes my way. Plus, learning the hard way how easily you can miss out on good things has been that extra boost I sometimes need to get going.

Sometimes, you just have to boss up and use the powertools in heels and a dress.

Statistically, successful people make decisions quickly, and there are a few reasons for that. First, so they don’t miss fabulous opportunities, and second, because they’ve learned to trust their gut. Trusting your gut isn’t always the most natural feeling thing for most of us, so here’s how I learned to trust mine:

Think of a time you listened to someone’s advice, and you wish you hadn’t. Think of a time where somebody made you second guess a decision, and you didn’t do something you wish you had done. Think of a time when somebody thought they knew what was best for you, and they were wrong. Now, think about all the good decisions you have made. Remember the times when you got it right. I’ll bet, that you have really good instincts, and you’re right waaaay more than you’re wrong. If you have a track record THAT good, you should definitely trust your instincts. Don’t let anyone make you second guess your gut.

January 16th 2011, the day Bombshell Bridal opened for business! I'm so grateful everyday that we listened to our gut and not the people who said it wouldn't work.

Getting started is hard, and it’s so easy to second guess everything we do. It’s even harder if you don’t have a good support system to back you up. I just want to tell you that you CAN do amazing things, and you SHOULD do amazing things, because the world needs what you have to offer. Nobody else has your voice.

I’m not terribly extraordinary, Amy and I are just normal people who decided to shoot for the stars and follow our dream. However, we do want to share our story, because it's worth it to us, even if it only inspires one person to go for it and to do the thing they’ve always wanted to do. Also, we’re here to support you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have a question or just need a little support. Finally, please join our Body Luv Club ( on Facebook, and if you can make it, come to a meet up! We’d love to meet you, and learn about your journey <3



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