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Hello again! So as most of you may know my family and I took a trip to Disney world and it was MAGICAL. I have to say that even though I was a Disney fan my whole life I really didn't think it would be that magical because I am an adult and Disney is mostly for kids. NOPE I was so wrong. We had the best time and honestly I got to feel like a kid again and that was so precious to me. With my past I had to grow up so quickly and I feel like my childhood was yanked away so fast, so being able to feel like a kid again even for just a moment was an amazing feeling!

I was really nervous to go to Florida because you know, it's HOT. And thick thighs and hot weather do not mix. I thankfully started my clothing search in February and I found most of my items from Hot Topic. They have plus size Disney stuff that is really fun and unique. I got a couple of pieces from Torrid, and Modcloth. It was a lot of fun to put these outfits together, but my suggestion to you is to start early. Plus size clothing is hard to find and even harder when you are looking for a specific item!

I have some really great tips for you guys traveling to Disney:

Bring a backpack!

We brought a backpack and filled it with everything we could ever need, and I wasn't miserable at all! I was worried that you would have to find a locker for every ride like at Cedar Point but you don't, you can bring it on every ride with you! I promise you won't regret bringing it, it was a real life saver. What to pack:

Extra socks - You have no idea how great this feels after dinner. You will feel like a new woman! Just changing out of sweaty socks can really improve your mood.

Extra pair of underwear - I mean, it's hot and sweaty. You get it. It also made me feel like a new woman.

Band-aids - So helpful for blisters, and if your shoe is rubbing your feet raw this is a great way to protect that area.

Sunblock - DUH. You should already be packing this.

Aloe - Just in case you get a sunburn. After the sun goes down and you are still at the park for a few hours it helps to get the heat out and cool you off a little.

Fan - THIS WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I PACKED. You all may make fun of me but trust me, this made my life SO MUCH BETTER! It was unseasonable hot and I was sweating from places I didn't know I could sweat from and this fan saved my life. It is small and compact and even works in the hotel if you need a fan to sleep! It has a rechargeable battery so you can use it each day. The battery lasts a pretty long time too. It is perfect when you are waiting in line and need a little break from the heat. Also, don't be worried that you will be the only person with a fan, you won't be. There are several other people with fans there. I found my fan on Amazon here.

Water Bottle - Water is so damn expensive there, like $4 a bottle! However, the drinking fountains there taste like shit. Pro tip, you can get free ice water at any stand with a soda machine and then just fill your water bottle

Poncho - We had pretty good weather but it almost always rains in Florida. So bring one for each of your party just in case. I got 6 of them on Amazon here.

Umbrella - Sometimes ponchos just will not protect you enough, or it is too hot to cover yourself in plastic. So a good umbrella is key. If you want a cute one that is Toy Story themed I got mine from Amazon here.

Blister care - My poor husband had terrible blisters and thank goodness my sister bought the blister relief kit, it helped him make it through the 3 other days of walking! I even used one my last day there, and it really helped my pain. I found one similar to the one we had here.

Gold Bond Chaffing Stick - THIS. My husband found this for me and it actually WORKS. I didn't get chaffing ONCE. I was walking for 6 days about 12 hours a day AND sweating! So it works just like deodorant does and goes on clear so you won't see it on your clothes. You do have to re-apply throughout the day but it works! I also found that if your shoes are rubbing on your feet, like flats rubbing the top of your foot, this product works for that too! You can buy it here.

Wear tennis shoes.

So I never and I mean NEVER wear tennis shoes unless I am at the gym or working around the house. I love to wear cute shoes that pull my outfit together, however when you are walking for 12+ hours wearing the wrong kind of shoes can make your day miserable. I know this from experience. My husband and I go to amusement parks every year and tennis shoes are a must for each one. I know you want to look cute but save your feet! I bought these Sketchers Go Walk tennies and I LOVE them! They breathe so even though you are sweating your feet still get some air. My feet felt amazing throughout each and everyday. I was on my feet for 12+ hours for 6 days straight and it was a walk in the park...literally. I got the black ones so they would go with whatever I was wearing that day. You can find them here.

Get a Tangled inspired picture!

I really love the movie Tangled and I recently found out that you can get a lantern picture just like in the movie! I was smitten, I HAD to get this cheesy romantic picture! You have to get there right at sundown though, because the line get REALLY long, like all the way to the Haunted Mansion long. We even got there BEFORE sundown and there was already a line! It was so worth it because that picture ended up being one of my favorites.

The photopass was the best money we spent. It is for all your family that is on your reservation and the price is good for all the parks and all the days you are staying. I am a picture person and I love to get a thousand pictures, and I always worry I'm not going to get enough pictures. Well, with this you don't even have to worry! There are photographers all over the place (like 10 of them in front of the castle) so you can get the perfect shot all over the park! The photographers are really awesome too and will spend some time getting you the perfect shot too! They know that you want that insta worthy shot. They even will do some fun photos with some of the characters! Also, all of your ride pictures will show up on your photopass right in the app!

Didn't get a fastpass for the Flight of Passage ride? No worries! Get up super early and get there at rope drop and you will get on pretty quick. If you are staying on Disney property then you get Magic Hours and those give you extra time in the park before it opens to everybody. Plus Animal Kingdom isn't open that late so it won't be a super long day.

DO THE HALLOWEEN PARTY! I honestly thought that the Halloween party was only for kids, and found out that is actually full of a lot of adults! This is the one and only time you can really dress in a costume at Disney World. There are a lot of loopholes like Disney Bounding but you can't really wear a full on costume at Disney unless it is at the Halloween party. You also don't need to buy a ticket to enter, just the ticket for the Halloween party. I thought you had to buy both so that is why originally I didn't want to go.

The best part? They only sell so many tickets so the park will be so empty! We rode almost every ride and walked right on! They also have special treats that are only available at the party. The rides are filled with some cool surprises too! The best part?! You get to trick or treat! There are stations all over the park that you can go up and get FREE candy! It was so empty I was so close to the fireworks and could actually see them!

Meeting the princesses was quite possibly one of my favorite moments. I really just died when I got to meet Ariel...TWICE! Jasmine was also super sweet and full of life! I felt so special! I thought I would feel so weird wanting to meet them, but it felt magical.

So, let's recap Disney World is for adults too, pack a backpack and go to the Halloween party! It was so much fun and I honestly miss it SO MUCH! I cannot wait to go back! I didn't know you could feel so homesick from a place that actually isn't home. If you have any questions about Disney I would love to answer them! Email me! hello@curvesincorporated.com

Have a great day!

<3 Amy

"Every day may not be good but there's good in every day"

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